BusinessCoaching EN


As a graduated and certified business coach, I will accompany you with business concerns and professional problem solving.

Are you a manager, an expert or a part of a team?


I am at your disposal covering, among others, the following areas:

  • Reorientation (career planning and shaping the future)
  • Personnel development (strengthening competences and self-reflection)
  • Management development (taking on new duties and development of leadership style)
  • Team building and team development
  • Day-to-day working issues and problem situations (managing stress, working relations and conflicts, burnout prevention, mobbing and work-life balance)

My way of coaching is resource oriented and solution focussed. I perceive business coaching as a structured and systemic approach. I aim to assist in finding a solution for business challenges. I accompany and support you within a defined period of time in order to gain new points of view, to improve your competency to solve things and to achieve goals set.

The basis for my work is mutual confidence and appreciation. I expect my clients to work on a target voluntarily and seriously.

Do not hesitate to contact me: I will provide you with further information. I will be at your disposal for a free, initial consultation.