Kili2 EN


... have you already discovered your inner queen or your inner king?


Each person is unique and contributes in all aspects to the diversity of a company. Social changes shape the corporate culture. Topics such as migration, gender equality, integration and age influence the working life. A manager, a team as well as an employee face a lot of challenges - and that is exactly where I would like to accompany you!

Your benefit?

I will support you with:

  • Business coaching – to analyse your professional concerns, to gain new ways of looking at things and to achieve all goals set by you
  • Trainings – to keep yourself informed, to exchange experiences and to further develop yourself
  • Consulting – to support you in all matters related to HR management and to accompany you with customized HR projects
  • Interim management – to compensate a short-term lack of resources by carrying out the core HR processes

Let us jointly develop your strategies and projects - your success is my goal!

Heike Caban